How We Work

Be it a small dinner, a fun party, or a full blown wedding, there is nothing more wonderful than celebrating special occasions with friends and loved ones. At Sepia, we work with you to create the event of your dreams. From the planning stage down to the farewell, we help you plan every small detail. We do the heavy lifting so that you can relax and enjoy the fun. We take on only a number of events to make sure we can give our sole attention to you and maintain the highest quality standard.

For social occasions we offer the following services: preparing guest lists RSVP and follow ups, selecting invitations and gifts, catering and menu selection, event decor and logistics.

Our Workflow

Whenever we meet clients they usually have a lot of ideas and inspiration. Scores and scores of images on their phones and iPads and a ton of pinterest boards. We come in and try to help make sense of the design fragments. We also give suggestions for other elements that they haven't thought of. Once we put everything together each client receive a event mood board, complete with space measurements, elements and colour ideas. For our more premium clients we also offer sketches and 3D imagery to help them visualise a large setup.

Our design philosophy is to always work organically through the clients. Understand the couple better, their background, likes and dislikes, and finally, inspiration. Every thing we add to the decor has a sense and meaning behind it.


Step 1: Understand the Brief

business-composition-desk-159774 copy.jpg

Step 2: Measure the spaces


Step 3: Create the mood board

art-materials-arts-and-crafts-bloom-597329 copy.jpg

Step 4: Budgeting and design changes

advice-advise-advisor-7096 copy.jpg

Step 5: Voila!