We create unique experiences for our clients.

Sepia is a boutique event planning company that specialises in luxe weddings, parties, dinners and innovative corporate events.  A design and experience oriented events company, our philosophy begins with great customer service. Understanding the hopes and wishes of the client to deliver a truly bespoke experience.  We look at all the intricate details and provide full service from start to finish, leaving clients stress free to enjoy their moment. 


What our clients say

Leena Labroo

Sepia Events always deliver what they promise. Their concepts are bold and unique. Seemingly difficult to execute. They are meticulous in their planning and execution. Eventually, the finished product is far above our expectations. Very elegant and avant garde.

Sonia Bhandari

Sepia events have the ability to give life to your vision. They take the pains to go through your ideas in detail. Their design process is very rigorous and collaborative to ensure that your ideas come to life. The look feel and quality of the final product is excellent.  I am usually showered with complements after parties.