Forever21 Store Launch

Phoenix Market City, Pune

The opening of the first F21 store in Pune needed to be accompanied by a lot of fanfare to introduce the uninitiated to the store. A unique marketing experience was needed to engage with youngsters in their favourite restaurants and bars. The solution was to stage 'fashion hunts' at the top 5 coolest establishments in Pune. The winners would win a voucher and would get preview access to the store and get the opportunity to be styled by Anusha Dandekar. The effect was that the run up campaign created a lot of engagement. The events too created a lot of content and engagement on social media. The activation also brought together a lot of the young fans together for a bit of fun. In addition, we also had a photoshoot at the best fashion institute in Pune (FAD) to raise awareness about the launch among the students.  The store was opened by Arjun Rampal and so that to created a large buzz on social media and PR.